Stilinski family hugs complete my life. You will find lots of Teen Wolf on my blog because the time between Mondays is just too long and I need to process my feels. I'm proud to be a total dork at times which includes, but isn't limited to being a massive Whedonite/Whovian/Sherlockian. All things Torchwood and SuperWhoLock make a very happy girl. I enjoy going to Sc-Fi conventions. I rattle off movie and tv quotes like Spencer Reid rattles off statistics. Music makes the world go round and supplies the soundratck to our lives. My taste in music is very eclectic. I tend to randomly break out into song or dance in the middle of the isle at the stores. Being goofy and having fun is what makes life worth living.


The Sheriff, to Melissa.

Linden Ashby, during the trivia game, answering the question, “Who said? 'Be at my place at nine. Expect to stay the night. I like to cuddle.'” (BiteCon 2014)


Repeat after me, kiddos: Bucky Barnes did not choose to be a “villain.”

Lets say it again, a bit louder now: Bucky Barnes did not choose to be a “villain.”

Bucky Barnes did bad things only because he was brainwashed.

Bucky Barnes would have chosen to be a hero.

Bucky Barnes has a good heart and good intentions.

Bucky Barnes did not choose to be a “villain.”

I see ppl snapping about the bitecon stuff and whatever. So here’s what I want:

Give me bad ass banshee Lydia with Meredith helping her.

Give me the pack grieving over Allison.

Give Sciles and all of their shenanigans.

Give me Scott McCall the true fuckin alpha.

Give me Kira kicking ass on…